pypicloud.scripts module

Commandline scripts


Dump the access control data to a universal format


Generate a salted password


Load the access control data from a dump file or stdin

This operation is idempotent and graceful. It will not clobber your existing ACL.


Create a server config file


Migrate packages from one storage backend to another

Create two config.ini files that are configured to use different storage backends. All packages will be migrated from the storage backend in the first to the storage backend in the second.

ex: pypicloud-migrate-packages file_config.ini s3_config.ini

pypicloud.scripts.prompt(msg, default=<object object>, validate=None)[source]

Prompt user for input

pypicloud.scripts.prompt_option(text, choices, default=<object object>)[source]

Prompt the user to choose one of a list of options

pypicloud.scripts.promptyn(msg, default=None)[source]

Display a blocking prompt until the user confirms