pypicloud.views.simple module

Views for simple pip interaction

pypicloud.views.simple.get_fallback_packages(request, package_name, redirect=True)[source]

Get all package versions for a package from the fallback_base_url

pypicloud.views.simple.package_versions(context, request)[source]

Render the links for all versions of a package

pypicloud.views.simple.package_versions_json(context, request)[source]

Render the package versions in JSON format

pypicloud.views.simple.packages_to_dict(request, packages)[source]

Convert a list of packages to a dict used by the template, criteria, query_type)[source]

Perform searches from pip. This handles XML RPC requests to the “pypi” endpoint (configured as /pypi/) that specify the method “search”.


Render the list of all unique package names

pypicloud.views.simple.upload(request, content, name=None, version=None, summary=None, requires_python=None)[source]

Handle update commands